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Where can you buy luggage, Hernád utca 7 !!!!

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Leonardo Da Vinci suitcase set
Material: ABS strong plastic
Luggage type: hard suitcase
Number of wheels: 4 low-noise, 360° rotating double wheels
Lock: Security number lock
Interior: Divider, Pocket, Tightening Straps
Size: L: 77 x 50 x 30 cm, M: 67 x 44 x 25 cm, S: 57 x 36 x 22 cm
Weight: L: 4.0 kg, M: 3.3 S: 2.5 kg
Volume: L: 102 L, M: 62 L, S: 41 L,
The products are measured manually, so minor deviations (maximum +/- 0.5-2 cm) may occur. Depending on your screen settings, the actual color of the products may differ slightly from what you see on your monitor.
Price: 48.000 HUF

Suitcase set

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Qman construction game
With QMAN® building blocks, we offer a high-quality, significantly cheaper alternative to the market-leading toy elements. What’s more, thanks to our own product developments, a wide variety of unique, 4 in 1, 6 in 1 or 8 in 1 and other surprisingly interesting games have been born. Great game worlds, high quality building blocks, perfect construction aids and lots of construction fun with great game value - this is represented by the QMAN® brand. Another huge advantage is that all QMAN® building blocks are 100% compatible =
Qman construction game1
Noen's product range is diverse and varied. Quality products cover a wide range, so you can easily come across a type that fully meets your individual expectations in terms of features. The advantage of a large stock is that you can choose from the options without compromise. And the guaranteed sizes ensure that there are no negative surprises when checking in. This kind of reliability is essential because the standards set by airlines cannot be breached. For example, the 55 x 40 x 20 cm restriction on Ryanair's portal, if not engraved in stone, is in any case a restriction on note paper, the violation of which will result in severe penalties. Some of the products in our stock meet the aforementioned parameters.
Of course, you can also think of larger suitcases, the point is that the selected product is in line with your unique ideas in all respects. Rolling, wheeled models can be moved easily and without interruptions, so mobilization can be done smoothly without sacrifices. With a packed 67-inch suitcase, this is a real blessing, as you don’t have to carry it in your hand. Noen is known for its reliability, quality products and aesthetic models. The four-wheeled variations are deservedly popular because they make it a flexible way to get from a to b. The suitcases, which boast the best price / value ratio, are not only completely practical: the moments of packing advance to be enjoyable thanks to the handy design, they are not ashamed in terms of aesthetics either. For each product, you can choose from a myriad of color variations, but you can even think about buying a set.