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A hard cabin suitcase is one of the most popular forms of carrying our belongings and necessary things during the trip. These suitcases guarantee that we can also transport more fragile, delicate items packed in them properly, and thanks to the hard design, we don’t have to worry about the other packages squeezing and breaking our things. In our webshop you can choose from many different hard suitcases. Excellent suitcases can be purchased cheaply on our online interface, and traveling with these suitcases is guaranteed to be practical and hassle-free. You can find hard cabinets in a variety of sizes and styles on our website, and placing an order takes just a few clicks.
If you want a suitcase that can be carried on an airplane, also look at the cabin suitcases, as larger suitcases are always carried in the luggage compartment of the airplane. Wizzair free cabin case (40X30X20 CM) and many other products can be ordered in our webshop at a special price. A comfortable and well-planned trip is a consideration for everyone, and for that it is essential to have a suitcase that we can pack perfectly even for longer trips. And if you want to put everything you need on the plane, you also need a cabin suitcase. These things are essential for air travel. Prepare for the trip in style and practicality! Check out our hard cabin suitcases, travel accessories, cabin suitcases, children’s suitcases and more today!



Verage cabin suitcase 55 cm
Material: strong ABS plastic
Baggage type: hard suitcase
Number of wheels: 4 low-noise double wheels with 360 ° rotation
Lock: TSA security number lock
Inside: partition, compression straps, several pockets
Size: 55 x 39 x 20/25 cm (Expandable 5 cm)
Weight: 2.5 kg
Capacity: 37-49 L.
Warranty: 3 years
Price: 20.000 HUN


Verage cabin suitcase

BONTOUR BASIC 195 - # 【Material】 ABS 【Wheel】 360 ° Rotation Wheel 8 Wheel 【Lock】 Number Lock 【Inner】 Partition Plate, Zipper Pocket, Clamping Straps 【Size】 External Size with Wheel and Handle: Cab: 55 x 40 x 20 cm 2.4 kg, 35 l Warranty 1 years

Suitcase cover, ideal
for 50-57 cm suitcases.
It is good to have one of these covers in many ways:
Made of very good elastic material, it takes on the shape of a suitcase.
Washable at 30 ° C.
Environmentally friendly, you do not need to use disposable foil wrapping on every flight.
It dries easily, even when pulled on a suitcase.
It also protects our luggage from damage and dirt.
We can easily recognize our own suitcase when it arrives on the tape.
Our own stock products.
You can choose from unique, very cool patterns.
Suitable for suitcases with two and four wheels.

BONTOUR suitcase cover cabin size Price: 5.000 HUN instead of 4.200 HUN


When traveling by plane, the size of your suitcase is especially important. If the length, width, height and weight of your bag do not fully comply with the parameters set by the airlines, you can say goodbye to bringing your carefully prepared hand luggage on board. And that wouldn’t be too lucky, as you probably have a good few things you always want to keep with you, even if you’re just flying 11-12 km high on board an airplane. In the offer of our webshop, you can only find bags that can satisfy your needs to the maximum, and they also get a green light at the checkpoints of the airlines.
Cabins with castors are always a good service when traveling, as they are extremely easy to handle, light and space-saving. The almost icing on the cake is that they can dazzle those who are just in the thick of buying a suitcase with their decorative look. Of course, it would be a naive idea to believe that the qualities that affect quality and resilience matter less, as the bags you purchase will ideally not only be used once or twice during their lifetime, but much more than that. That is why it is also very important that the selected cabin suitcase withstands regular use and can retain its original condition for many years to come