Medium suitcase

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The medium suitcase is one of the most practical choices if you like to fit comfortably, if you prefer medium-distance trips and if you do not want to worry for a single second, even if you happen to spend a lot of time on a trip, vacation or move out. Few suitable alternatives are the smallest suitcases that really barely fit anything. In contrast, giant models can be problematic in several ways. On the one hand, logically, their mobilization is more difficult than, say, a medium variant. On the other hand, unused packing space makes large-scale swordsmanship virtually unnecessary. Thirdly, the proper, correct placement of the suitcase on the various means of transport can be a serious problem.
The bottom line, then, is that mid-size versions are the most popular, sought-after, and most exploitable. Thanks to our large stock, a diverse product range awaits you, meaning you can forget about awkward decisions and unpleasant compromises forever. Are you looking for a soft or hard model? Do you want to roll on the paths of life on four or two wheels? Maybe you want to control not only the flow of events, but also the handle of your suitcase? Either scenario is feasible and you can even come up with newer variations. The medium price suitcase has the best price / value ratio, which, thanks to its optimal parameters, provides an excellent basis for comfortable, hassle-free packaging and movement without interruptions. Quality products are also unbeatable in terms of reliability thanks to the guaranteed dimensions, the domestic service network and the high degree of practicality of the life-designed models.


Bontour Vertical medium suitcase
Material: Strong plastic (ABS)
Baggage type: Hard suitcase
Number of wheels: 4, 360 ° low-noise double wheels
Lock: Security number lock
Inside: Inside with fastening straps, zipped partition and zipped mesh pocket
Size: 68 x 45 x 25 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Capacity: 78 L
Warranty: 1 year
Price:  HUF
Suitcase cover, ideal
for 60-70 cm suitcases.
It is good to have one of these covers in many ways:
Made of very good elastic material, it takes on the shape of a suitcase.
Washable at 30 ° C.
Environmentally friendly, you do not need to use disposable foil wrapping on every flight.
It dries easily, even when pulled on a suitcase.
It also protects our luggage from damage and dirt.
We can easily recognize our own suitcase when it arrives on the tape.
Our own stock products.
You can choose from unique, very cool patterns.
Suitable for suitcases with two and four wheels.

BONTOUR suitcase cover is medium in size Price: 6.000 HUF